Sunday, November 4, 2012

Darkmoon Faire On the 5.1 PTR

The Darkmoon Faire is back in town, so don't forget to save up 90 tickets for the new Darkmoon Hatchling coming in patch 5.1!

Since the faire is up, I decided to check it out on the PTR. The new wild pet, Darkmoon Glowfly, are available for capture. They seem to be all over the island, ready and waiting for collecting. :)

Their level ranges from 3 to 7. With so many possible levels to catch, I think the Darkmoon Island has the largest pet level range out of all the zones!

Strangely enough, the other Darkmoon Faire wild pet, the Crow, doesn't seem to be on the island or in the Pet Journal. Perhaps it was removed.

Anyway, the new Darkmoon Master Pet Tamer is also new to the area. His name is Jeremy Feasel and he can be found inside the faire, across the way from the tonk daily quest.

Unlike other Tamers, Jeremy's quest is a daily and costs one Darkmoon Game Token each time you challenge him. Even though there's a price for battling him, at least you can do it once per day for the duration of the faire.

Here are the details of his pets:
Honky-Tonk (mechanical) - 1745 hp, 294 attack, 280 speed

Fezwick (beast) - 1570 hp, 311 attack, 294 speed

Judgement (magical) - 1587 hp, 329 attack, 276 speed
All of his pets are level 25 and are epic quality. Looks like even though the island itself has lower level wild pets, you'll need to have a level capped team to fight the zone's Tamer.

Completing Jeremy's daily quest will reward the Darkmoon Pet Supplies, which will have a chance to drop the new pet, Darkmoon Eye.

Sadly, I still don't have my main toon's team and collection of pets, so I can't battle him atm. I'm still working my way back up to max level cap on the PTR, but it's quite a chore. Especially since there are other things I could be doing on live servers.

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