Friday, November 2, 2012

Brawler's Guild Gated Access?

Another PTR patch has been applied. While there aren't any direct changes to pets or Pet Battles, there is something that's worth noting and discussing.

One of the updates was made to how you can join the Brawler's Guild. As I mentioned before, the Brawler's Guild is necessary to access the pet Clock'em. Last I checked a rank or reputation requirement wasn't listed on the item, but it wasn't purchasable for me.

The latest PTR patch notes state:
"Entry into the brawler’s guild is by invitation only. Invitations can be found on the black market auction house or by invitation from somebody within the guild." - source
This is significant since it essentially means access into this special faction's clique will be somewhat "gated", and will depend on other players to eventually open it up for more and more people.

It also means that Clock'em won't be accessible for a long time, and will probably take extra time to acquire (if taking into account that rep/rank grinding will probably also be necessary). The pet being BoP also doesn't help.

I haven't been able to check out the BMAH on the PTR yet, so I can't say how much the invitation will cost, but I'm going to guess it won't be cheap.

So far I'm not very impressed or excited about all of this. Until I find out more about how this process works, I don't see how gating this will be "fun".

For many pet collectors, preventing initial access isn't fun. Yes, we're willing to dedicate time and persist through difficult odds, BUT only if we get the chance to do so. If there isn't even a chance, it's not very compelling gameplay, is it?

We'll see how all of this plays out, and I sincerely hope that just getting INTO the Brawler's Guild won't be nearly as difficult as the patch notes are making it out to be. Nevermind the reputation/rank grind that will probably be required. I think most collectors are more than capable of handling that task.

Because when we're given the opportunity, many pet collectors are more than willing to put forth the necessary effort to collect a certain pet. It's that dedication and awesome determination that makes collectors stand out.

But we have to be given the chance to shine first.


  1. Lets hope the invitations can come from an NPC with whom you need to gain some personal faction. Otherwise this will not be viewed positively by many players.

    1. @Heartfruit: Yea, I can see non-collectors and collectors alike being frustrated with this very limited access process.

  2. They start at 250K gold on the PTR's BMAH. Hopefully the price will come down before it goes live. That or there are a lot of kind hearted souls willing to send out invitations once they are in the guild.

    1. @Zala: GEEZE. 250k? I can definitely see the select few that have that much and that are willing to spend it, hoarding the invites and selling them for a lot of gold.

      Even though I don't necessarily think that's right, I can't blame them. If I spend that much on something, I'd want to get my money's worth or money back too.

      This overall process is just not looking good for anyone at the moment.


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