Friday, November 30, 2012

We Ask, They Answer (Sometimes)

Twitter has proven to be a fountain of knowledge! If you haven't already, follow @Mumper, lead content designer, and keep an eye on all the latest pet updates.

That being said, Mumper updated the status of the Pandaria Tamer XP issue, Safari Hat, daily quests not resetting, and missing rare versions of the Clouded Hedgehog, Silent Hedgehog and Jungle Grub. Hotfixes for these issues and probably more are coming soon, but will need a server restart for them to go into effect.

As I noted in my previous post, some players are already seeing the Safari Hat in their mailboxes. You can try relogging, zoning into a dungeon, or exiting WoW completely and then logging back in to trigger the achievement spam and recieve your very own hat. Sometimes this doesn't work on every toon, and I recommend trying alts with these methods.

With every bit of new content, there are bound to be bugs that pop up. Some will be more severe than others, but at least we can have a little direct communication and find out whether or not they're truly bugs or intended changes. Plus it's great to stay updated on how the hotfixes for actual bugs are going, and if/when they might be released.

Many get upset when they're left in the dark or don't understand what's going on. That's just human nature. With Twitter and the real-time updates/feedback, it's much easier to stay in the know, and in turn helps to reduce the anger that comes with feeling out of the loop.

I love that developers take some time out of their busy schedule to respond to a few player concerns. The communication is great and although there are liaisons between the community and developers, in the form of the forum blues, it's just not the same as a dev answering a question directly.

Anyway, we just need to hang in there a bit longer for all the hotfixes. Hopefully it will all get sorted out by the end of this week!

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