Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Summon Random Pet Macros

Here are the new macros for summoning your companions:
Summons a random companion from your Pet Journal.

Summons a random pet from your list of "favorites" in the Pet Journal.

/summonpet [name]
Summons a specific pet. You can insert the unique name you've given your pet or the pet's default name.


  1. Now I need to figure out how to make a macro that will do /randompet half the time, and /rfp the other half.

    1. @Gorman: You must be good with macros and scripts if you can figure something like that out! XD

  2. This works for all my pets except Darkmoon Rabbit... please help.

    1. @Anonymous: I just tested the /summonpet [name] with my Darkmoon Rabbit, and it worked just fine. Are you using its default name or the name you chose for it? I used "Darkmoon Rabbit" and it worked.


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