Thursday, November 1, 2012

Newest Finds

I've had two recent successful captures that I'm very pleased with. The first being a rare quality Mountain Cottontail. It may look like an ordinary bunny, but there's on thing that sets it apart: SHINY!

As far as I know, it's the only pet that can come in a super glossy skin. Not all of them have this color, though. They can come in normal white, brown, and brown/white. Finding a shiny Mountain Cottontail isn't too difficult, but I wasn't satisfied with just finding any old quality, though. I had to have it in rare PLUS shiny!

It took some patience and determination, but I managed to find one. :D

The second awesome find that occurred recently was a rare Snowy Owl. This beautiful bird only just started to spawn today. I absolutely love the colors for this pet.

At first it seemed like any other quality other than poor and common didn't exist. A guildmate and I scoured all over Winterspring and spent over an hour or two searching with no luck.

When it appeared as though the entire zone was cleared out, we decided to try a new tactic. Utilizing alts we crossed over into another server. Yea, I know. Not exactly a very ideal or ethical choice, especially since you're essentially "stealing" another server's spawns, but it was so late at night that it was unlikely that there would be many people on.

We managed to find one rare one and then a second within a few moments of being on another server. Lucky! Super satisfied with our find. :)

With these two newest additions to my collection, I feel as though my energy and determination to collect and upgrade all my pets has been renewed. After a while, hunting for rares and leveling started to feel so routine and monotonous, but now I'm all pumped to keep going until I near my ultimate goal of collecting all rares and all the things! :)


  1. Wooo, thanks for posting about the shiny bunny :) Would have never noticed there was an extra special one! Just caught my rare...I lucked out. Found one in a tree (no clue what color) and had to use "interact with target." Surprise! Cute Shiny bunny.


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