Sunday, November 11, 2012

Missing Pets On the Amory

I was taking a look at my Warcraftpets collection and my stats on the armory, and noticed that the two totals of unique pets collected didn't match up. According to my armory, I only have 453 pets collected, while my Warcrafpets status is 462.

What gives?

After some snooping and sleuthing, I found out that my armory is still bugged. It's not listing the following pets:
- Darkmoon Balloon
- Darkmoon Cub
- Darkmoon Monkey
- Darkmoon Tonk
- Darkmoon Turtle
- Darkmoon Zeppelin
- Tree Frog
- Wood Frog
- Sea Pony
Do you see a theme here? It's nearly all of the Darkmoon Faire related companions! I guess this faire is so elusive even its pets can hide even after they've been collected? :P

Of course, my situation isn't replicated on most other armories I checked. This doesn't appear to be an armory-wide or consistent bug. Some players had all the pets listed except for the balloon, while other armories weren't missing any.

The only thing that I can think of that sets my armory apart from those that I compared it to, is that mine was bugged for the longest time and didn't show ANY pets/mounts. I can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure that that's probably a factor.

While this might not be a HUGE deal, since we can keep track of our collections manually on Warcaftpets, this does affect the Wowprogress ranking system somewhat. Since it pulls information directly from the armory, any characters that are afflicted by the missing pets bug will have their "pet points" inaccurately calculated.

Keep this in mind when checking out your score in relation to other players. The ranking system still isn't perfect or accurate. Maybe in the future once all these little discrepancies are sorted out.

So if your Warcraftpets collection isn't matching up with your armory, double check the pets listed above and any other pets. They're probably missing from your armory. I don't know if this bug includes only these pets or others.

This bug doesn't affect everyone, but high risk armories include those that weren't showing any pets/mounts, despite having a collected some. Which pets are missing doesn't seem to be consistent, so you'll have to double check. Don't forget to do a search in both "collected" and "not collected" tabs on your armory.

Hopefully these pets will find their way back to the armory in the near future. :)

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