Friday, November 9, 2012

No. Thank You.

"But with that said, we're exploring ways to make the bonus roll feel like more of a random bonus, without just making it extremely efficient for gaining character power. We understand how it feels to spend the charms and rarely see anything other than gold or items you don't need. So, for example, we could maybe add pets and mounts that would have a low chance of dropping exclusively on a bonus roll." - source
This was in response to a discussion about the Elder Charms and the new loot roll system.

All I can say is, PLEASE no. For the love of everything, NO. Is this a knee-jerk reaction? Possibly. Am I upset that this is even being considered? Totally. I may be the only one that feels this way, though. I'm sure others would feel elated if they had an extra shot at a mount off a boss.

I do understand that Zarhym was just presenting a possible example, however I don't agree with it nor do I want it to gain any steam. What I want and what actually occurs is rarely the same thing. But that's something we just have to live with.

Anyway, back on topic. I do not want to have to choose between gearing up by using an extra roll or saving it for a slight chance at a vanity pet off a boss. Implementing pets and mounts as possible drops EXCLUSIVELY through Elder Charm rolls is basically forcing pet collectors that raid to choose between PVE progression and collecting.

You only get so many charms per week; three I believe. Granted you may not need every single one of those each week, depending on which bosses you kill, but at the same time you could be saving them for specific bosses next week.

With so few charms available, and so many potential upgrades, HOW will we have any charms left over for vanity item rolls? This won't be possible until the content has become dated and no longer current.

But even then, the Elder Charms will still be necessary for progression, as new tiers will be released and more upgrades will be desired.

Until the very end of the expansion, when all the raid content has been exhausted and there's very little need for Elder Charms, pet collecting raiders will be forced to choose between vanity and progression.

I sympathize that the extra roll often doesn't seem very rewarding, but there are SO MANY OTHER things that could be added to the roll. Flasks, pots, raid food, etc. These things would directly help a raiding player and be appropriate rewards other than gold from an extra roll.

Please leave vanity items out of this; don't put raiding collectors in such an unfair position.

Or at the very least, this mechanic would need to be planned out so that collectors aren't forced to choose between rolling on a boss for gear they need, or a boss that they don't need gear from but want a pet from.

Edit: A guildmate suggested a scenario where a roll for a pet might be fair enough for both raiding players and collectors. Rather than specific bosses, a pet or mount would come from any extra roll within the raid zone. Across all bosses, all raids.

The only problem I see with this, though, is that mounts drop off of specific bosses. Would that mean the mount would be lootable from ANY boss that you decide to use the Elder Charm on? Wouldn't that undermine the "rarity" factor that Blizzard insists upon?

Or would the mounts remain boss specific, while pets are possible from any roll? How would this be fair for mount collectors, then?

It still seems like a bad idea to me.

Part two of this discussion here.


  1. I like the idea that the vanity rewards could drop from any boss's extra roll, would indeed make things more interesting. I think that's what Zarhym meant in the first place, nowhere does it suggest it being on a boss per boss basis.

    1. @Wamo: I discussed this with a guildmate and the only way this would remotely be viable would be if the pet(s) were available from every boss in every raid instance.

      But then what about mounts? Mounts have always been boss specific. Will they suddenly be available by roll from every boss as well? That would mean 5 extra chances for the Elegon mount in Mogu'shan Vaults. Unless the chance to roll and win that mount is EXTREMELY low, it seems like that would be going against Blizzard's goal of keeping mounts "rare".

      If they make the pets available from every roll from every boss, but keep mounts strictly to one boss, mount collectors are going to feel cheated.

      Sure, you can't make everyone happy, but it just seems like a can of worms. One that doesn't actually have to be opened because there are other possible solutions.

    2. I understand, and that's what I said. Dropping from any boss's coin roll = yay. Dropping from a specific boss's coin roll = nay.

      Regarding the mounts, I think it would be similar to the Sea Turtle System from Fishing: A unique mount which can be obtained in many places, but can only be obtained one way. The usual drop mounts like the Elegon one would be unaffected. It would be crazy otherwise!

  2. I think you've missed the word exclusively in his statement. That implies to me that the mount/pet will only be available from a bonus roll rather than being an additional way to get said mount/pet.

    1. @Anonymous: If that's the case, then it would need to be a whole new pet/mount. Issues with that are detailed in my latest post on this topic.

  3. With the accumulation of spirit charms it would be nice to be able to spend these on a pet similar to the Dark Moon Faire tokens. That way you could convert what you need for xtra rolls and use the rest to spend on pets or whatever. At this point I have amassed about 1600 of these and would sure appreciate a means of getting the total down.

    1. @Anonymous: That's something I can agree with! The Lesser Charms are pretty much useless until you can hand them in for Elder ones. Too bad you can only turn in a set amount a week. If they were a currency on their own for something, that would be pretty sweet.

      Blizzard did mention that they were going to make it so the Lesser Charms wouldn't take up inventory space, and instead be placed in the currency tab along with other tokens. Better than nothing IMO.

  4. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading Perks and Peeves and often recommend it to others with similar interests.
    I also love playing with the fishies :D

    1. @Anonymous: I'm glad you enjoy it! Despite all the ranting I do XD


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