Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clock'em From Brawler's Guild

After checking the PTR again, it looks like Clock'em will require you to be Rank 4 within the Brawler's Guild.

As a side note, someone on the PTR Forums detailed how we will gain access to this new faction. Here's a basic summary of the process:
- A number of invitations will be on the BMAH (possibly everyday) for a starting bid of about 1k gold. If you win, it becomes soulbound.

- You'll enter the guild and gain ranks as you progress through each PVE match. They will get progressively harder as you rank up.

- Upon reaching Rank 7, you'll receive a mail with ONE invitation that you can give out.
So rather than being able to hand out invitations left and right, you'll only be able to invite one person. And that's only after you've earned a specific rank within the Brawler's Guild. On top of that, according to the forum post, ranking up will not be an easy task.

I haven't tested this process out yet, or participated in the Brawler's Guild, but it seems to just get more and more frustrating. The way its described makes it sound as if it will take a very long time for invites to get around to the majority.

On top of that, players with only one extra invite will charge insane amounts, especially since they had to grind ranks for it (ie: spend personal time, energy, and effort). I can't blame them, but it's still unsavory.

I really don't want to jump to conclusions yet, but at this rate, Clock'em will probably be out of reach for a while and for many.

Side, side note: The poster on the PTR forums only mentions how to handle the encounter(s) as DPS. What if your main is a healer? Shit out of luck? If so, as a resto druid for my entire WoW career, that's VERY disappointing news, and I will probably not be able to purchase Clock'em... ever?

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