Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Locations of Pandaren Spirit Tamers

Here's a list of where to find all the new tamers, because I had trouble finding the Spirit Tamers after completing the initial quest. Damn you quest tracker/marker! I've come to rely on you so much. :P

Thundering Pandaren Spirit (earth) - Vale of Eternal Blossoms (north of Mogu'shan Palace, in the hills)

Burning Pandaren Spirit (fire) - Townlong Steppes (west of Fire Camp Osul, on the overlook on the coast)

Flowing Pandaren Spirit (water) - Dread Wastes (far south east, the little peninsula jutting out into the water that separates Dread Wastes from Krasarang Wilds)

Whispering Pandaren Spirit (air) - Jade Forest (south of Honeydew Village, north and across the river from Grookin Hill, on top of a large rock pillar)
For the last location (Jade Forest), it's on top of the mountain formation on the map, a little north of the reddish trees (Tiger's Wood).


  1. How did you beat the Thundering one?

    1. @Anonymous: I used Silkbead Snail, Flayer Youngling, and Darkmoon Zeppelin. Although the mouse on the Spirit's team has an attack that's strong against mechanical, the Zeppelin has an ability that blocks 2 incoming attacks. If you time it right, you can avoid some of the larger burst damage. Also, since it's mechanical, if it dies, it can come back to life.

  2. :'( was able to do all but the Thundering one as well. I have 31 lvl25 pets and after spending hours working my way through various combos I've come to the conclusion I suck and will never beat that last spirit tamer.

    1. @Anonymous: Don't give up! Sometimes it takes a bit of luck and RNG. Keep trying, you'll get it I'm sure. :)

  3. If this helps - the thundering one seems to be the hardest
    and most on luck depending one.
    I used Temple Snake/Leopard Tree Frog/Lil' Smoky and
    started with Snake vs Ooze, Snake taking Crystal Prision from Elemental and then with luck killing him with the frog as I got lucky with the frog kiss.

    From all my Pets I love none as much as the allmighty Leopard Tree Frog :D

  4. Just to say. I used

    Black Tabby Cat. Used it speed reduction attack and kill the ooze, finishing with my 2 turn attack that recovers health. It then bites the stun from earth elemental and if lucky get one hit to slow it (which I didn't)

    Chuck. used bleed then the shark attack which always hits with a bleed. Then use fast attack to finish. Used him to get a few hits in with his aquatic attack that always goes first on the rat.

    Frosty. Was going to use ice bomb but wasn't sure I could last long enough for it to hit. used his attack which reduces opposing attacks by 25%, then his ice breath attack . As I go second he gets two turns of invulvnerability and luckily I didn't miss those two which took out the rat.

    Now we'll never speak of it again and go nowhere near him. I'm picking the thundering pet ;-)

  5. I just stuck at it - did it after about 12 attempts. Bit of luck involved. I used crab, alpine hare and Landro's Lil XT. It was the Alpine hare that saved the day with dodge in the end.

  6. For the Thundering one I used Snidney - Who is just my regular old rare spider, the mouse is weak to most of his attacks and I love healing pets. He's also faster than the spirit, so he doesn't get stopped too much by that blocking attack it does.
    I also used Flayer youngling and Celestial Dragon.
    Though my dragon never came into play, I beat him with the Spider and the Flayer :)

  7. Thought i'd give my 2 cents on the Thundering One

    My usual team is Magical Crawdad, Disgusting Ooze and any number of 3rd ones.
    HOWEVER - I quickly noted that this was gonna be a pain in the ass and i'd have to plan to quickly take out the team, as if this fight goes on for more than 5 turns per pet you're simply not going to win.

    I ended up with Lil' KT - Desert Spider - and Magical Crawdad (Heal specced)

    I kept resetting the fight until the ooze was out first and made really quick work of him with the spider.
    Something like this
    Brittle Webbing - Ooze - then Spiderling Swarm for an easy 3 hit kill.

    Second was the thundering spirit.

    This pet ALWAYS uses its 100% stun ability on its first turn, and it seemingly has a 5 round cooldown.

    I kept my spider in to eat the stun, he died to the next attack

    Swapped in KT - Put up curse of doom and siphon life - began shadow hitting

    KT died same time as the thundering spirit

    the extra 1 round KT stays alive i put up Doom on the rat - Then heal with crawdad (soothing mists).. Then snap, then wish.

    Basically, i took this fight by pairing up 1 pet with 1 of his pets and hoping, theres a lot of luck involved, but with this setup it took me 3 tries to score a kill on the rat. And took 7 pulls today for first time repeating the daily using same tactic.

    Hope this helps!

  8. I finally found a Thundering Team that usually works..
    Start with a Cockroach using armeggedon first chance it gets vs the spirit. Switch to Snail to kill the spirit and survive for first major hit of the slime. Use my beast(bananas) to kill slime and waste time until armeggedon hits on last hard hitting crazy pet. Win "usually.:


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