Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Farewell Felwood

I finally captured a Minfernal. *insert heavy sigh of relief here* After many weeks of periodically checking Felwood with no luck, I decided to just sit and wait.

Actually, it was more than sitting and waiting. I tried the "force spawn" method, where you go around and kill (not battle, just straight up kill) any wild pet that's not the one you're looking for.

The idea behind it is that a zone can only spawn so many wild pets at a time. By killing the ones that aren't the one you're seeking, it allows others to spawn. There's no guarantee that the particular pet you're looking for will be the next one in line, but there's a chance.

So I took that chance and flew around, killing every non-Minfernal wild pet I found. Did this help? Honestly, I can't really say. I don't know if the Minfernals share the same spawn as the other pets in Felwood.

I stopped after a while and just hung about Shatter Scare Vale. A few other players popped up in the area as well.

While this might seem like a bad thing, in some situations, more players in a zone is beneficial.

Yes, there will be more competition, but if wild pet spawning works in the same way as quest mobs do, the more players in an area will cause more companions to spawn and at a faster rate.

It's just a matter of who can get to those newly spawned pets first heh.

Normally I would be ecstatic to finally add a hard-to-find pet to my collection, but I'm mostly glad that the ordeal is over.

Unlike hunting for rares or rare drops, sitting around and just waiting feels very unproductive and unsatisfying.

It's not the same as killing a mob over and over again, with the notion of 'just one more', yenno? At least when you're hunting for a dropped pet, you're actually doing something, even if it's just going through the motions of killing, looting, killing, etc. It's manual labor of love. The psychological factor behind it makes it feel much more rewarding that just hanging around and waiting.

I'd like to be able to say that I'm proud of this pet, but it's not really one that's up there on my list of memorable companions.

Patience may have been necessary, but anyone can sit on a spot and afk until something shows up. It's not like it took massive amounts of effort to sit around. Just required some free time. For me, it's an anticlimactic end to a tedious endeavor.

Needless to say, I won't be visiting Felwood intentionally again for quite a while.


  1. The suspense is killing me. What quality? Although, at least you finally got the little flaming ball of fun....

    1. @Pukanini: Only poor quality, but that's ok. I'll just have to save a Battle-Stone for it next patch. :)

    2. Yes, I think I'll be using the stones for this and scourged before others? Just so I don't have to worry/think about camping etc. Plus lets others get them.

      With how they work, if multiple are up, there's no time to log etc to leave lower quality up if there are other possible rares spawned to get...which makes me feel bad for those who have none...


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