Sunday, November 4, 2012

Snail Color Challenge Complete

I got caught up trying to collect every color of a specific pet model again. In rare quality lol. This time it was the snails.

There are currently four possible colors for snails: green with red antennae, grey-purple with orange antennae, orange with yellow antennae, and finally brown with blue antennae.

Since the Rusty Snail only comes in orange and the Silkbead Snail only comes in grey-purple, those two colors were already kind of decided for me. That left the green and brown version. Luckily, Scooter the Snail is green so only one color was left to find.

The only snail that has a possible brown skin with blue antennae is the Rapana Whelk in Dread Wastes. It's not the only color it can come in, though, so I had to fight my way through many non-brown, non-rare whelks.

I eventually found one as a secondary, and it turned out to be a color-changer. I'm not complaining, though. :)

It will take a few summons to actually get the brown color that I want, but I'm ok with that since I'd rather keep color-changers and just spend a few extra moments summoning and dismissing it, than getting rid of color-changers altogether.

Besides, I can always head back and try to find a rare non-color changer if I ever get bored or feel absolutely compelled to do so. :P

If Blizzard actually fixes color-changers so they don't switch skins upon summon in the next patch, I might have no choice but to head back and pick up a new Rapana Whelk. Unless of course, if my current pet stays the correct brown color even with the fix.

Anyway, now the color challenge for snails is complete! Next up... scorpions..? XD

Sidenote: For anyone that would also like to try collecting every color of a certain model, all in rare quality, is a HUGE help. It shows similar pets with the same model as well as all the possible colors for each pet. :)


  1. Would be nice if warcraft pets had a list of the colours for pets and which pets offer that colour (given they've already got the colours under the pet - not sure how hard it would be to list pets under colours). Was looking at scorpids and see WP has 8 different colours though it looks like 2 (pink and tourquoise) aren't obtainable.

    1. @Anonymous: I'm not sure what you mean since I see pink available as the Scorpid, and turquoise is available as the Leopard Scorpid or Stripe-Tailed Scorpid. I also only count 6 available colors spread out across all pets using the scorpion model.

    2. Check the images on warcraft pets, they follow a naming convention and there are 9 different scorpid colours. The pink one you are looking at is likely the red one, and the tourquoise one is the grey with tourquoise bits on it.



      Yellow (with green)

      Those 3 aren't available on pets

    3. @Anonymous: There are many skins that remain unused for the time being. The images on Warcraftpets are likely placeholders in case a new pet pops up that uses that particular color.

      I wouldn't worry so much about the colors that are unavailable at the moment, and concentrate on the ones that are. :)

  2. make that 9 differnet colours and 3 not obtainable

  3. Is it possible, with the total quantity of pets per account being limited (Albeit being increased with the upcoming patch), to collect every color variation of every pet in the game?

    1. @Unknown: I haven't tried yet, but it would be an interesting experiment!


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