Saturday, November 10, 2012

What a Rare Collection You Have There

That's it! I caught the last rare pet that I needed to finish my collection. *sigh of relief*

Aside from the Minfernal (which I STILL haven't even seen yet), Scourged Whelpling, Wanderer's Festival Hatchling, and the three Pandaria pets that don't seem to come in rare, all my wild pets are now the highest quality possible.

Honestly, I'm thinking of just saving Battle-Stones to turn those particular pets into rares in patch 5.1. The Minfernal and Scourged Whelpling are such a pain to find in general, nevermind looking for a rare version. If this changes with the next patch, I might resume the hunt. But there's always the chance that it will be more of the same, just on randomly spaced timers, rather than mass spawns after server restarts.

I'm only slightly sure that I can get a Wanderer's Festival Hatchling in a better quality. My problem is my guild tends to do unofficial raids on Sunday night, so that eats into my pet hunting time. I might have to just skip one just so I don't miss the festival. The other issue is that I'm sure the hatchling is still in high demand and I won't be the only one trying to capture one. Needless to say being on a PVP server definitely has its downsides when it comes to pet hunting.

Next up: Level everything to 25! This task won't be as fun as it was to hunt for rares, but it's necessary if I want the Singing Cricket.

I'm slowly but surely achieving the personal goals set for my collection. Man, does it feel so rewarding!


  1. Good luck on those...I personally have uncommons on both minfernal and scourged. I was battling my first minfernal ever...a rare...only to be ganked by opposite faction. Oh well.

    A tip for rogues hunting the wanderer? Be stealthed and use the macro:
    /tar Wanderer's Festival Hatchling
    /cast shadowstep

    and then use a keybound "interact with target" for the win. :)

    1. @Pukanini: Ahh, that sucks to lose a rare to a gank. :( I nearly lost a rare pet as well (nowhere as awesome as a Minfernal :P), but thankfully the player was only interested in killing me, rather than taking the pet I was battling lol.

      Shadowmeld works well too! :) Only downside is you can move around heh.

  2. I know this has been on a while but forgot that it didn't mention them. What 3 pets in Pandaria don't show up as rares? I've just started Pandaria zones (I've been working my way through each zone getting rares before moving on, so have only just got to the Pandaria ones).

    1. @Anonymous: So far the Jungle Grub, Clouded Hedgehog, and Silent Hedgehog don't seem to come in rare quality. I haven't heard of anyone finding a rare version yet! :(

    2. I have a rare of each of those wild pets, all wild pets come in a rare version. It took me almost a week of clearing KW to get my jungle grub, the hedgehogs weren't so painful, about two days.

      good luck :)


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