Monday, November 26, 2012

Patch 5.1 Scheduled Release: Tomorrow!

Patch 5.1 is coming out tomorrow! I'm excited yet a bit upset at the same time. My best friend whom I've played with and shared nearly every WoW experience with is out of town, and won't be joining me in this new patch adventure. At least not for a while. :(

New Dailies
I'm definitely looking forward to the new Pandaren Spirit dailies. I never got a chance to try these out on the PTR since I pretty much had to start all over.

My plan for the new spirit pets is to choose the one that has the toughest Tamer to beat, since each specific element will have a chance to drop only their corresponding spirit. Example: The Burning Pandaren Spirit daily reward will have a chance to drop only the Pandaren Fire Spirit.

New Wild Pets
I'm most excited about all the new wild pets to capture! I'm going to park a toon at each location so when I wake up, I'll be all set to go.

Expect a lot of people looking for the new wild pets, so there will likely be a lot of competition. There was little to no competition for these pets on the PTR, so it was hard to gauge the respawn time. We'll see how good/bad it is once 5.1 goes live tomorrow.

New Darkmoon Faire Daily
Patch 5.1 is coming out just in time for next month's Darkmoon Faire! A new Tamer will be there and I can't wait to battle him for a chance at a new pet. :)

I REALLY hope that since the DMF is only in town for one week each month, the droprate for the Darkmoon Eye won't be ridiculously low like the Porcupette. We'll have to wait and see, I guess. :\

Vanilla Raid Boss Dropped Pets
I WOULD say I'm excited for the new raid boss pets (and overall I am), but I was looking forward to clearing nostalgic content with my best friend. I guess it will have to wait.

I never attempted to try my luck with the vanilla raid boss dropped pets on the PTR, but from what I understand, they will NOT be 100% droprate. There will also only be one pet from the boss, should the boss feel so inclined to drop one. Thankfully, most of the content will be solo-able.

The Battle-Stones will be another interesting feature to finally see firsthand. Since my toons on the PTR never had their current pet collection copied over, I had to start over from scratch. That being said, I never saw a single stone; I wasn't trying extraordinarily hard tbh.

Updated Pet Battle UI
One thing that I have to wonder about is how the updated UI will affect current addons. The Pet Battle UI will show wild pet quality before capture and during battle, but what about addons that do more than that?

I'm currently using an addon that not only shows quality, but also ability/attack cooldowns. This is VERY useful during battles, and helps me gauge when to use what ability next. It doesn't give me a 100% advantage, since abilities are often randomized, but I do have a better sense of what COULD be coming next.

Will addons like this be broken in 5.1? Hopefully the creators will update these mods quickly after the patch is released!

Brawler's Guild
Last but not least, the Brawler's Guild. I'm honestly not looking forward to this very much. If a pet wasn't involved (Clock'em), I probably wouldn't bother with it. The gated access is a real turn off for me.

I guess I have to bite the bullet with this one.

I think that's it for 5.1, but I'm probably missing something. XD There's just so much being released that it can get overwhelming!

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