Thursday, November 8, 2012

Current Collecting Goals

I'm 3 pets away from collecting all rare quality wild pets! Of course this doesn't include the highly camped and hard to find Minfernal and Scourged Whelpling. Also excluded is the Clouded Hedgehog, Silent Hedgehog and Jungle Grub, which don't seem to come in rare at the moment.

After collecting all rares, I plan on continuing to level my pets. I'm only at a meager 31 level 25 companions. :(

Between raiding, dailies, capping VP each week, leveling alts and their professions, and of course RL priorities, I haven't been able to level my pets as much as I would like to.

The ultimate goal? To collect every wild pet, rare quality, and then level all my pets to 25. Yes, all 400+ pets to 25. Needless to say, that's going to take a while lol.

Once 5.1 comes out, I'll have to put grinding pet experience to the side again. There will be SO MANY new pets to collect; I won't be able to focus on purely leveling at all.

To break the routine, I might try out another color challenge. I discovered that nearly all my scorpion pets are color-changers, which means I might not have to collect each color.

But there's also that "fix" for color-changers coming in patch 5.1. Until I find out more about the "fix" to these skin-swappers, and if it will actually work, I guess I can only plan for the worst. The worst scenario being that I have to replace the color-changers with pets of the actual colors that I want.

Oh and random screenshot is random! XD

Can't believe my Feral Vermling ate my last carrot. :P


  1. So close. Gratz on the Wanderer's Festival Turtle. I've only seen common? Although I missed the first couple. It seems they all spawn the same quality? Anyway, happy leveling/rare collecting....The Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog is my bane.

    1. @Pukanini: I've missed the Wanderer's Festival for a few weeks in a row now. :( I won't give up looking for a rare, but my hopes aren't that high. >_<

  2. Grats! It's so frustrating near the end of one's personal "must have" list. I'm going through the same ordeal with the best build for each of the rares. I've had to get rid of a lot of rares I caught before I knew about the different builds.

    I applaud your dedication and helpful site too.

    1. @Anonymous: The different breeds for each wild pet has me all mixed up as well. Now I'm catching every rare I see just to compare it to the one I already have. So distracting when I'm trying to level my pets! :P


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