Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More 5.1 Notes

Patch 5.1 is proving to be pretty overwhelming for me! So much to do and so many new pets to collect. I might have to take a breather and just take it very slow. There are only so many hours in a day. :P

Anyway, some misc things that came with 5.1:
- New Spectral Cub (not to be confused with the TCG pet loot card, Spectral Tiger Cub) is in the Pet Journal. It says the source will be from the Blizzard PetStore. Interesting...!

- Specific times for in-game "sunrise" and "sunset" were announced for the NA region. This might help collectors determine when "night" and "day" start/end for the companions that have specific spawning times.

- The Safari Hat is bugged for some players. Players eligible have yet to receive their hat. Those that completed the achievement Taming the World after 5.1 came out probably won't run into this bug. Developers are aware of the hat not being sent out and are working on a fix.

- Many bugs in general! But that's to be expected with new content. One big one is certain pet abilities/attacks don't have the proper animations.

- Tamer daily experience might be bugged and/or nerfed, as reported by users on WarcraftPets.

- The new wild pets have been pretty elusive, most likely due to the new spawning timers. Instead of mass spawning after a server restart or maintenance, pets will sporadically spawn in smaller numbers, but hopefully more frequently. Downside is that it's less predictable now.
"The new pets are on fairly long spawn timers, and are randomized (i.e. will not spawn on server restart). We've confirmed they have been spawning on some realms, so just keep an eye out!" - Bashiok
- Tooltips when hovering over a pet that you have summoned also shows its quality in the name.

- /randompet works now! Hooray for a much simpler macro. :)

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