Friday, October 5, 2012


Lead content designer, Cory Stockton aka Mumper, recently tweeted that the cost to train Pet Battles has been reduced.
"Just hotfixed the cost of Battle Pet Training to 10g. We still don't want newbie players but 100g was obviously overshooting that goal."
- source
He also mentioned Pet Battles achievements.
"Another note on pet battles, Taming Azeroth achievement is setup to complete with either Taming Kalimdor or Taming EK, you don't need both.

Note that the display is wrong in 5.0.5 since the change was made via hotfix. Functionally, it will work though. UI is fixed in 5.1.0."

- source and source
This last bit of information is good news since completing both EK and Kalimdor can be tricky. Completing the EK achieve is easier for alliance while the Kalimdor one is easier for horde. It's not impossible, but it's somewhat of a hassle, especially if you don't have any alts on the other side.

UPDATE: And another hotfix! Hooray for Tamer dailies finally resetting. :D
"We found the bug with pet battle daily's not unlocking. It's been hotfixed and they should work now, cross faction. Thanks for the reports!"
- source


  1. So here is my question, what about trial accounts? They can have up to 10 gold right. if that's the case I can start an account for my nephew who loves pet battles but would only play it every other weekend and never get past level 20 anyway.

    1. @Tadedra: I'm not sure if Pet Battles is trainable on a trial account, but I say give it a shot since it's free. Just keep in mind that you can't trade with a trial account, so any gold will have to be acquired on the actual account.


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