Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spawning Changes In 5.1

Mumper revealed on Twitter that there will be a change to how rarespawns will pop up in 5.1:
Speaking of rare spawns, they will all use a startup timer in 5.1. This will stop them from all spawning at once on restarts. - Mumper
This is interesting news, and has both pros and cons.
Pro: It will give everyone more of a chance to find and capture those heavily camped and hard to find wild pets. Not everyone can log on right after a server restart for a shot at a Minfernal lol.

Con: Removes some of the predictability. Currently, it's basic knowledge that most pets will spawn in right after a restart or server maintenance. In 5.1, when pets are no longer guaranteed to spawn right after a restart, it will be more of a guessing game when they'll show up next.

Pro: Makes it harder to camp those harder to find pets, giving more players a chance since it won't be as efficient to sit around and hoard the wild pets that spawn all at once.

Con: Makes it harder to camp those harder to find pets, so rare quality hunting might be trickier.
There are handful of other pluses and minuses, I'm sure, but right now the pros seem like they outweigh the cons.

It's one thing to make a readily available in-game pet rare (hard to find), but it's another thing when only a select few even have a chance at it.

With this spawning change in 5.1, hopefully we'll hear more success stories from pet collectors rather than tales of disappointment.


  1. I had to wait til a reset to grab a scourged whelpling today. This probably wouldn't be such a huge issue if it weren't for CRZ.

    1. @pandy: That's exactly how I got my whelpling. It was a frantic mess, though, and so many people were scrambling to find one.


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