Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lizard Color Challenge Complete!

There are some pets that I'm fond of and there are others that I'm downright proud of. Sometimes it's not for obvious reasons, though, such as it was a very low droprate or it took a grind to earn it. Achievement rewards, special promotion pets, etc., it's only natural to take pride in these. But the ones that mean the most to me have history and sentimental value.

That being said, I've successfully collected all the colors of the lizard/lizard models! Not only that, they're all rare quality. :D

Left column, top to bottom: Lizard Hatchling, Twilight Iguana, Spiny Lizard
Right column, top to bottom: Spiky Lizard, Horny Toad, Ash Lizard

Originally, I was hoping that some of these pets would be color-changers so I wouldn't have to collect specific ones, but it turned out that they didn't have that special color switching quality.

So I had to go out and find one of every color. But I wasn't satisfied with just unique color; they had to be rare quality too.

I think that was the ultimate challenge. It's quite easy to go out and find a pet that has a certain skin, but to find a companion in that color AND specific quality? The RNG odds are definitely stacked against you. Not only do you have to first track that companion down, the color and quality that it spawns with is completely randomized.

I had to make a list of which lizards I wanted in what color. Unfortunately, some of them only come in one or two skins, while others can come in more. Coordinating which color should go with which specific pet made it slightly easier figuring out priorities, but it was still a challenge to find those companions that matched my specifications.

This meant a lot of time terrorizing Orgimmar's critter population in search of just the right Spiny Lizard. I went through so many of them that I lost count after the first hour. It was a good way to earn some easy experience for some of my lower level pets, though.

Each one picture above is a unique pet, same model, different color. I was tempted to try and capture duplicates in different colors, but I needed to collect one of each unique companion, anyway. Got two birds with one stone for this one.

In the end, it took me all night of hunting and traveling from zone to zone to find just the right ones. But now my lizard collection is complete! I couldn't be happier or proud. :)


  1. I'm impressed. I was hoping to get an add on, like a mob-it version for pet skins because you don't know what you don't know. Even though I obsessed with getting the perfect adder, I still don't know all the types of forest moths you can get. Kudos to you.

    1. @Tadedra: Thanks. :) What really helped was, and the listing of alternate skins on each pet's profile page.

  2. This makes me want to do the same thing now. It inspired to get the albino and blue eyed bandicoon/bandicoon kit combo to set them apart from the one-colored shy bandicoon. Now to hunt those lizards.

  3. Color challenge complete as well, on this one :) Thanks for making it easier for me!

    1. @Pukanini: Grats! The lizards come in such lovely colors, no? :)

    2. Yes :) Love the variety. I need to take a closer look at some of the other pets. Possibly moths? Not sure I have them in all colors :)


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