Sunday, October 14, 2012

Silithid Success

I finally managed to capture a Silithid Hatchling! I've been pretty unlucky with the sandstorms in Tanaris since MoP came out. I'm either too late during the storm or show up in Tanaris when there's no sandstorm.

Luck was on my side last night, though. :) I was in Tanaris just as the sands kicked up. Needless to say I freaked out and made a beeline towards the closest silithid area.

There were about a 7 of these little guys wandering around. I had to switch in a lower level team (to ensure I didn't kill the pet and to get some free experience :P), and I managed to battle at least 5 until I finally caught an uncommon hatchling. :D

It's no rare, but I'm content with an uncommon for now. I'll definitely still be on the look out for a rare version, though.

Here are the details of my sandstorm experience:
- Started at 10:30 PM (Kil'Jaeden server time), but due to CRZ the zone time was 12:30 AM.

- Ended at 1 AM (Kil'Jaeden server time), zone time was 3 AM.

- Total time was about two and a half hours.

- I only saw the Silithid Hatchlings spawn at the beginning of the sandstorm. Once those initial spawns were gone, I never saw anymore.


  1. Not sure if it applies to this pet, since some kill themselves through abilities, but I recommend the terrible turnip for all low level battles to capture. :) Since its attack can't kill it.

    1. @Ricky Dillard: I'm actually in the process of leveling the Terrible Turnip. It's quite handy! But even if I can't use it for higher level battles, I find that swapping to a pet with a weak attack works too.


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