Friday, October 12, 2012

Eye Candy

I finally earned 400 pet achievement points! It was funny since I was aiming to complete a different achievement than the one I earned that gave me enough for the 400 points mark. So when I finally finished, it caught me off guard lol. Still very satisfying, nonetheless. :)

That being said, I haz a Jade Tentacle now. :D

It makes me smirk whenever I bring it out. The way it follows you is a little creepy, though. Unlike other pets that submerge and travel underground, the Jade Tentacle doesn't have any traveling animation when it disappears into the floor to follow you. It can give you a bit of a shock if you forget you have this pet out. :P

Since I felt pretty accomplished after reaching yet another achievement milestone, I started browsing through my collection to admire some of the gorgeously colored pets.

Just FYI, many screenshots after the jump. ;)

I adore the Scarab Hatchling skins, so I couldn't resist capturing one of each color. The exception was the blue version, but only because the Tol'vir Scarab shares that skin, and you can only have three of one pet.

My scarabs are all uncommon quality, but with Battle-Stones coming in patch 5.1, I should be able to upgrade them eventually. Hooray for not having to release any of these to search for rare quality versions. It was hard enough to find an uncommon one of each!

As soon as I hit exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent, I went hunting for these lovelies.

It took a few days of battling, but I finally caught a rare quality Wild Golden Hatchling and Wild Jade Hatchling. Sadly, though, I've been unlucky in finding a rare Wild Crimson Hatchling, so I had to settle for an uncommon one. Don't be mistaken, though, I'm still looking for a rare version every day, but the crimson serpents just seem to spawn less than the other two colors.

I really can't get over how stunning these companions are. The colors are so vivid, it reminds me of overly sweet candies or something. It's just very appealing to the eye.

Anyway, would I say that these are my favorite pets so far? Nope. I honestly can't choose a favorite. These companions stand out in my mind, sure. But in the end, I adore all of my pets and wouldn't give any of them up. :)


  1. Grats on everything! Oh I can't wait to get exalted with cloud serpents :) those pets are so gorgeous! So what was your last achievement for the 400?

    1. @Navimie: Thank you :)

      My last achievements were All Pets Allowed and Time to Open a Pet Store (400 achievement points). The first one was what put me at the 400 point mark.


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