Saturday, October 27, 2012

5.1 UI Improvements

More UI updates will be coming in 5.1. These changes and additions will definitely make things more convenient, especially since many of them were suggested by players themselves. :)

So what are the new UI features?

I mentioned in a previous post that the number of collected pet will be listed on the tooltips, but at the time, caged pets weren't showing this number. This has been updated and now both non-caged and caged pets will show the collected number.

Zones By Pet Level
Another quality of life improvement is the addition of pet levels by zone on the world map. Hovering over each area will show the level of wild pets found there.

click to view larger version

Zones that have higher level pets than your current pet team will show up in red, while more level appropriate areas will show up in green and yellow. Just think of it like the colors in the quest log.

Wild Pet Quality
The Pet Battle combat UI is being improved for your convenience as well. Much like the addons that show pet quality color, the upgraded UI will show that information without the aid of any addons.

click to view larger version

Many addons will still have more functionality than just showing quality, though. So you might want to continue using some of them in 5.1.

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