Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Preview: New Wild Pets and Raid Pets

The Pet Journal on the 5.1 PTR has the new capturable pets (mentioned in my previous post) as well as the new raid dropped companions. There are a lot of new pets coming in the next patch, but if you can't wait here's a preview!

Note: Image heavy. Over 20 images! They're not super HD awesome quality, but it's good enough for just a taste. If you use WoWModelViewer, I'm sure you could find these new companions in there somewhere. :)

Also remember that this is the PTR so pets are still a work in progress, and some may change over the course of this testing period.

Last but not least, pay no attention to the colored border around each pet's icon. The PTR Pet Journal is slightly buggy and will show all pets as the same quality.

New Wild Pets:

Anodized Robo Cub (mechanical) - Winterspring

Arcane Eye (magical) - Deadwind Pass

Cogblade Raptor (mechanical) - Blade's Edge Mountains

Crow (flying) - Darkmoon Island

Emerald Proto-Whelp (dragonkin) - Sholazar Basin

Fluxfire Feline (mechanical) - Dun Murogh

Harpy Youngling (humanoid) - Northern Barrens

Honky Tonk (mechanical) - ??

Infinite Whelpling (dragonkin) - Caverns of Time

Kun-Lai Runt (humanoid) - Kun-Lai Summit

Lofty Libram (magical) - Hillsbrad Foothills

Nexus Whelpling (dragonkin) - Coldarra (Borean Tundra)

Stunted Yeti (humanoid) - Feralas

Sumprush Rodent (beast) - Krasarang Wilds

The new crow pet looks just like the raven, however it's slightly lighter in color.

There's currently no source listed for the Honky Tonk, so we'll have to wait on that one.

Oh, and sorry about the Infinite Whelpling. It seems as though it's shy and wants to hide, even in the Pet Journal. :P

New Raid Boss Drops:

Mr. Bigglesworth isn't pictured above because we all know what he looks like, right? He shares the same model as the Siamese Cat. Although he looks like a cat, he's actually part of the Undead pet family.

For a list of which raid bosses these companions will drop from, see this post.


  1. the honky tonk looks like something of dmf wild pet to me.just got to wait n see i guess

    1. @Anonymous: It wouldn't surprise me, but it could also come from other sources like Engineering. I can't remember 100%, but I'm pretty sure the source for the Honky Tonk didn't specify Battle Pet or otherwise. For now, it's a mystery!

  2. So this has been bugging me all day... Blue says '12 new raid pets' but they listed 13! In this (awesome by the way) display above, we're missing cuddly adorable Chrominius. Am I just bad with numbers?!

    1. @Sav: Thanks for pointing that out! I've added Chrominius to the list.

      I noticed the discrepancy between what was announced and what's actually found in the Pet Journal too Hopefully all 13 previewed will be available, but even if one goes missing, 12 is still a large number of new pets imo. :)

  3. 'Honky Tonk' is the name of one of the pets used by the DMF's pet tamer.

    1. @Anonymous: Thanks for the heads up! Perhaps it's a bug that it's in the Pet Journal on the PTR then.

  4. Does Mr. Bigglesworth have different moves from a normal cat, at least? I don't really see the point of having him at all if not.

    1. @Anonymous: From what I've seen on the PTR, although Mr. Bigglesworth looks like a normal cat, he's actually part of the Undead pet family.

      He has some basic cat/beast abilities, like claw, pounce, and prowl. But he also has elemental abilities - frost nova, howling blast, and ice tomb.

    2. Ah, that's pretty awesome then!

  5. Is the harpy in the ptr yet? I want one

    1. @Anonymous: I haven't seen any of the new wild pets on the PTR yet. Then again, I haven't been looking very hard.


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