Sunday, October 7, 2012

Big Numbers

The Brilliant Kaliri is one of the pets on my main team, and it is amazing when given the opportunity!

I've mentioned it before but the ability Predatory Strike (unlocked at level 20) is awesome. It hits hard but on top of that it instantly kills the opponent if the opponent is below 25% health. So even if the pet survives with just a few health left, it will immediately drop dead as soon as the kaliri's strike attack is over.

This is especially useful when battling tough Tamer teams. Instead of spending two or more rounds trying to whittle down their pets' health, once it's brought down low enough, the Brilliant Kaliri can take it out in one fell swoop.

And let me tell you, it's not a pretty swoop either.

click image above to view larger version

You're not seeing things. I did not edit the text. Predatory Strike really CAN hit/crit for that much!

Normally such a number would be OP and nerfed to the ground, but since this damage is only due to the "instant kill" portion of the Predatory Strike attack, it's really just superficial. Not to mention that no pet has 22,000 health at less than 25%. The big numbers just look cool and don't really affect gameplay or the battle.

Even so, this pet is definitely one of my "go to" companions when it comes to battles!

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