Saturday, October 6, 2012

Race-Specific Pet Workaround

TheChamberlain from WarcraftPets found a workaround for the bug that prevents newly created characters from learning the race-specific pet (if the account already has Pet Battles trained).

The trick is to not log out until you've reached a trainer to buy the pet. Apparently if you log out before then and then log back in, the game will not recognize that your new toon already knows the Pet Battle ability. If you don't log out at all, there's no reason for the NPC to not sell you the race-specific pet!

You'll still need to get to at least level 5 and have enough money to purchase the pet from the trainer. For Goblin, Worgen and Pandaren, that means finishing the starting zones completely before making your way to a major city.

I've already tried this on a goblin character, and next on the list is Pandaren and Worgen. Yes, shame on me, I don't already have these races as alts. :P

Anyway, good luck to everyone seeking the race-specific pets. Hopefully there will be an official fix for this, but until then, this workaround seems to do the trick.

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