Sunday, October 24, 2010

Awaiting Deathy

since i wasn't able to make it to blizzcon this year, i had to make do with the internet live stream. actually, it was actually quite pleasant to be able to watch nearly all the panels from the comfort of my own home. haha. but i do regret being unable to meet up with some guildies as well as the warcraftpets crew. :( hopefully next year.

another downside is that i'll have to wait a while longer before i can finally claim a deathy of my own. at the moment i hear his vocalizations are bugged and he's a bit grunty-ish. that should be updated and fixed with the next patch, though.

there's also an interesting youtube video of deathy's (possible) soon to come animations. i'm not too sure how accurate the video is, though. i missed the blizzcon art panel, but apparently there was a preview during that segment? rumor has it that it's pretty awesome. but i'll just have to be patient and wait. 6 - 8 weeks isn't that long... is it? haha. we'll see how long i can hold out before i start anxiously ripping out hair. :P


  1. The YouTube video of Deathy you linked is exactly what they showed during the Art panel at Blizzcon. :)

    BTW - I'm sorry for getting your little fish fat, they are so cute, I just keep feeding them every time I visit the blog. ;)

  2. @kapsel77 - that's great news! except now i'm even more anxious to receive my very own deathy haha. i can't wait to see him in action :D

    and i'm sure the fish don't mind! :P


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