Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eureka! ...Maybe

tonight i went back to work on the pebble achievement and found that the therazane NPCs will not offer the 'lost in the deeps' (pebble daily) quest every day. instead, there are a few other dailies that may be offered in its place...

which leads me to the next topic: jadefang and the tiny shale spider.

i think i've finally stumbled on the daily quest that may allow me access to where jadefang resides. however, certain therazane dailies are in what seems to be a rotation so it wasn't offered to me today. i did some research on wowhead and mmo-champion though, and i might have a good chance once that specific daily opens up for me.

however, this brings up a certain problem that may have no work around. if you do need a certain quest or quest item to reach the rare spawn that drops the tiny shale spider companion, that means not only will you need to be lucky enough to find jadefang spawned, you'll also need to be lucky with the dailies and have the right one be available to you while jadefang is alive.

but this is all speculation on my part so far. i won't be able to test any of this out until the stars align and both the rare spawn and the right daily are up.

so another day, and more waiting. waiting for the pebble daily to come up again as well as the other therazane dailies that i have yet to try out/test. in the meantime, jadefang sits there as if to taunt me. don't you worry my pretty, i'll get your tiny shale spider pet yet! *rubs hands together evilly*

seriously though, this glimmer of hope is what i needed to help pull my spirits up.


  1. If this is indeed how it works, you won't necessarily need that much luck with it really. At least not so far as having to get the spawn on the same day as the daily. You can always hold on to the daily once it pops up for you, and then just keep that daily until you get the pet. There's also the "daily bug" where you can pick up an identical daily as the one before. I used to do this a lot on the Croc dailies.

    Anyway, keep us up to date if this works! I'm most interesting in knowing this sort of data so I can snag and hold that daily as soon as I can.

  2. I hope you get the daily soon, it'll be great to have a heads up when Cata goes live.

    What is the "daily bug" that Harval was talking about?

  3. @Harval - good point about holding onto the daily! this may work but only if the item used for the daily doesn't have a limited duration >_< well, we'll see!

    @NiceBloke - hmm.. i'm not sure what the "daily bug" is. the only thing i can think of is when you pick up the daily quest as soon as dailies reset, a lot of the time you'll receive the same daily as the day before. could that be what harval is referring to?

  4. @NiceBlock - Yes that's what I'm referring to (What Quintessence said). If the item is limited duration, then you can pick up an identical daily from the quest giver if you're hovering around him/her as soon as dailies reset. I used to do this all the time back when the Croc pets were hard to get.

    As for limited duration, I would be surprised if that were the case. 99% of dailies work the next day and forever, so long as you keep them in your quest log.


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