Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i finally completed the achievement rock lover on the beta, however i think it's bugged at the moment. despite reloading and logging, i did not receive pebble as a reward for completing the achievement. i already submitted feedback on this issue, so it should be fixed prior to cataclysm being released, but here i was hoping that i would have a cute screenshot of my very own pebble for this write up. :( oh well.

how to obtain pebble is pretty straight forward, so here are just some updated tips:
- pebble has the exact same spawn point within the crumbling depths each time the daily pops up. the most efficient way to reach him is the same route that i explained in the tiny shale spider post.

- be wary of the colossal gyreworm! as of recent patches it will pick you up and proceed to "eat you" before depositing you back down onto the ground. it will take up quite a bit of your health so make sure you're topped off before getting too close to it. your best chance is to follow directly after its tail when navigating around the 'round about.

- also keep in mind you CAN mount on your ground mount within the crumbling depths, which makes getting around loads faster. (they've since fixed the bug where druids could continue flying within the crumbling depths.)

- once you've got pebble on your follow and you're making your way to the colossal gyreworm area, rather than taking the same path as you came in, you can veer more towards your right (as you're facing the 'round about) and climb over the debris that blocks your way IN but not your way OUT. if you take this path, though, be aware that pebble can sometimes be stubborn and NOT want to follow you over the rocks. he may have pathing issues and end up getting lost/eaten by the colossal gyreworm. taking this route is shorter and has a reduced risk of running into the gyreworm, but has a higher chance of bugging out pebble on geographical obstacles.

- the other way around the 'round about is to go the OPPOSITE direction in which the colossal gyreworm is going. if you choose to head this way make use of the dead end area to avoid running into the gyreworm. think of it as a pit-stop to let the gyreworm pass before continuing to the exit. when taking this route you have a smaller chance of pebble having pathing issues, but a higher chance of running head on into the colossal gyreworm and getting "eaten." it's also a longer run than the route mentioned above.

- if you are caught by the colossal gyreworm while pebble is with you, you will lose pebble.

- if you lose pebble, you will not be able to find him respawned unless you abandon the quest and pick it back up. it's tedious, so be careful and keep track of his whereabouts when heading out of the crumbling depths.

- the achievement tracker will not list the number of times you've completed the daily so if you'd like to see your progress, you'll need to manually keep track of how many times you've completed the daily.
that's about it. completing the daily 10 times shouldn't be a problem once you've done it a couple times. however, since the daily may not be offered very often it could take some time to complete the achievement to get pebble.

also keep in mind that it's unlikely you'll have the pebble daily pop up if you have the tiny shale spider daily still in your quest logs. i've been checking the beta consistently each day and have yet to see both dailies be available simultaneously.

good luck to everyone going after this little elemental companion in cataclysm!

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