Thursday, October 21, 2010

Land Shark

i was on the beta trying for the rustberg seagull (again) and while attempting to complete one of the "kill this guy" dailies, guess what i discovered? a level 85 elite shark named tank. but this is no ordinary shark. he's got over 100k hp AND he can swim (uh.. walk? flop?) on land!

i saw him swimming around northern tol barad and thought, 'i should be safe here just on the edge of the water. at worst he may agro onto me and then evade bug.'

how wrong i was.

this badass shark literally swam up onto the beach, and when i proceeded to run he followed me further inland! it was quite a sight to see a gigantic elite shark named tank swimming on land while chomping my tiny druid. needless to say i died but i was too amused to care.

what was the point of this post again? oh yea. rustberg seagull. i'm probably undergeared or these dailies are meant to be done in a group, but wow i feel as though i'm beating my head against the wall for this companion! the dailies are quite tough since the mobs hit pretty hard, have a lot of hp, and have such a quick respawn time. when the expansion goes live, the rustberg seagull may just have to wait the longest before i get around to working for him.

anyway next time i'll have to post some screenshots of mr. tank and his on-land prowess. hmm... if an elite shark can make it up onto land, does that mean pet collectors can finally hope to see the baby shark pet that was datamined pre-wotlk? :P

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