Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Only Time Will Tell

i wonder if the headless horseman mount droprate was increased this year. i've seen quite a few since the in-game halloween festival started, and more players seem to be looting it from their pumpkin loot bags.

if its droprate was indeed increased, hopefully next year's midsummer fire festival's frigid frostling gets the same treatment. it would mean that blizzard did hear collector's pleas and cries, and that pet collectors just happened to be this past year's guinea pigs for the new holiday loot system. it would be unfortunate if that were truly the case, but at the same time it's commendable that the pet collecting community handled it so well imo. :) hopefully we got through to blizzard and our concerns, ideas, and suggestions were seriously considered and maybe even implemented for the holidays to come.

am i completely at ease and confident in the next new holiday boss pet? not quite, no. the anxiety that droprates were not or will not be adjusted is still there, as well as the usual stress that comes with the desire for a limited time pet. but seeing so many receive the headless horseman mount this year does give me hope that things will work out for collectors. if we're willing to compromise maybe blizzard will be too. things are always better when both sides are willing and able to cooperate rather than fight each other on every point.

anyway, i wish those going for the sinister squashling good luck! remember, you can obtain it by trick or treating at an innkeeper and by looting it from a pumpkin loot bag (received after your first headless horseman kill each day). two ways to get the pet, double the chances!

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