Monday, October 4, 2010

First Archaeology Pet - Beta

i finally finished my first archaeology rare artifact on the beta, and coincidentally it was my first archaeology companion too. whoo!

the fossilized hatchling became available for me to "solve" at around 200 archaeology skill. i don't know if this pet or any of the other rare artifacts are available at lower skill levels, or if they require 200+. i will have to leave that to the hardcore profession testers. i'm more of a hardcore pet tester. :P

i would have more to say but... the artifacts that are available to solve feel pretty random. there doesn't seem to be any "trick" to it other than to keep searching for fragments at dig sites and solving more and more artifacts until a rare one pops up for you to complete.

the archaeology companions will probably be last on my list of "to get" once the expansion is released (official release date: december 7th!!), due to the grindy nature of this secondary profession. there's so much travel time involved that i'm SO VERY grateful we'll be able to fly all over azeroth come catalcysm.

plus, being level 85 will make it that much easier once i start heading into the higher level zones to hunt at dig sites located there. trust me. i went into twilight highlands at around 82 because i saw a dig site was located there, and what a pain it was to dodge in and out of mobs just to get to the archaeology fragments!

anyway, a quick run down of this companion if you haven't already checked out my cataclysm pet list:
the fossilized hatchling..
- is a rare archaeology created companion
- requires 85 fossil fragments
- is bind on pick up
this companion also has raptor hatchling vocals (on click) very similar to that of the current baby raptors. it's only slightly different, and if you're not paying close enough attention you would probably confuse the fossilized hatchling's vocals for one of the other raptors.

last but not least... LOOK AT THE TEETH ON THIS LITTLE GUY! SO FIERCE!! *insert america's next top model tyra banks impression here*

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