Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cataclysm Companion Images

mmo-champion has some wonderful screenshots of the upcoming possible cataclysm pets! if you're itching to match the name with the model, go check it out!

they all look spectacular, but i'm particularly fond of the elementium geode model for some reason. and it looks as if the guild page has a recycled argent squire model. hopefully this will either be updated or changed in the coming patches. i'd much prefer seeing him (or her if blizzard decides to change it to a little girl!) wearing the guild tabard instead of the argent tournament one.

and as expected, the rumbling rockling, swirling stormling, and whirling waveling are the "other" elemental pets that blizzard was referring to during the midsummer fire festival scorchling situation. there's still no info on how to obtain these yet.

last but not least... we may be getting... a murky?! raise your hand if you're excited. *fails both arms in the air*


  1. As excited as I would be, I hope he's a little different from Murky. I don't typically like re-used models, especially if they aren't even going to recolor him. Blue is sort of Murky's thing, but who knows.

    Looking through MMO Champion's database again, I came across [url=""]Baby Bluegill Murloc[/url]. It has an item tag number in the 40ks, meaning it had to have been added in the beta. Still I hope they change the color to green, orange or something else. (Apologies if the code is wrong, I don't know if blogspot uses BBCode or HTML since I don't use it myself).

    Guild Page/Herald is extremely disappointing. He better at least have a guild tabard on.

  2. @Harval - yea, using the original murky's model would be a bit of a shame, and i'm sure it would irritate all those who actually own the original baby murloc. i'm hoping for an orange one :D

  3. probably a recolour to be honest, since Europeans got the "Lurky" when the TBC collectors edition got .. well they made an error and forgot to include the netherhwhelp.

    So we got the netherwhelp and lil lurky as compensation. Got to say though, if this guy does "the dance" you'll fall in love with him a recolour or not ;)


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