Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day of the Dead 2010

the in-game halloween festivities are coming to a close soon, and then the short two day in-game celebration of day of the dead will begin! it will be interesting to see if an actual companion pet will be released with this year's day of the dead.

last year's event was heavily bugged which was frustrating. many collectors were upset that they were unable to enjoy the company of the on use companion, the macabre marionette, because of the bug and therefore had no other opportunity to play with the pet due to the short duration of the event. what came as the biggest shock and disappointment for pet collectors was when it was discovered that the marionette wasn't a true vanity pet and would disappear once the in-game holiday was over.

hopefully the day of the dead glitches have been resolved in time for this year's version. that, and i'm hoping for an actual companion pet version of the macabre marionette! but i won't hold my breath :P


  1. I've tried raising this issue on the official forums a couple of different times now but no one seems to care as much as they did last year unfortunately.

    I never understood the point of a "pet" you can use for less than two days and then it disappears.

  2. @Harval: yea i don't really understand the concept behind limited duration pets either. certain vanity items seem more plausible, but a pet? not so much.


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