Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Because a Moose Wasn't Enough

breanni, site creator and owner of WarcraftPets.com, had the privilege of touring blizzard headquarters this past blizzcon weekend and even got to briefly speak with the infamous ghostcrawler about vanity pets!

some exciting things mentioned:
- baby seahorse pet (NYI - may or may not be released after cataclysm)
- renaming vanity pets in the same fashion that hunters can rename their pets (something for the faaaaar future, but not completely out of the question)
there you have it. ghostcrawler promised a moose. now add to that a baby seahorse pet and the ability to rename vanity pets. JUST KIDDING! :P

while there's no actual confirmation on when or even if the above will actually happen/be released, at least blizzard is considering it.

i absolutely can't wait to see if these ideas will pan out or if they will remain on the back burner indefinitely. i'm hoping for the former, but i understand that there are probably more pressing issues to address before something as whimsical as a feature to rename your companion pet is added into the game. plus this gives me plenty of time to come up with over 100 names to give to all my companions. :P

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