Friday, October 15, 2010

Whelplings in Cataclysm

in response to an inquiry about the future of the whelp companions (azure, crimson, emerald, and dark), a blue states:
"We're in the process of finding new homes for each of these whelps. While we've not settled on where just yet, it looks like we'll be able to keep them as non-combat companions.

This is subject to change, of course, but the house-hunting appears to be going well. (We'll keep you updated should our relocation plans change.)" - Lylirra
just to be on the safe side though, i would still recommend keeping the whelplings closer to the top of your "to-get" priority list (with the razzashi hatchling as #1 of course). but for now, breathe a sigh of relief because this is great news for collectors.

thank you blizzard, for keeping us updated and letting us know sooner rather than later!

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