Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beta Enchanting Pet Recipes Found

as of the most recent beta build, the magic lamp recipe can be purchased from an enchanting vendor in the twilight highlands for 20 hypnotic dust (new enchanting mat).

the vendor, a female draenei named senthii, is located in the starting alliance quest hub (highbank) area, but the zone is phased until you've completed the first set of quests for that area. once the alliance have "won" the small island, the vendors will become visible.

because the twilight highlands is a level 84-85 zone, this means that you will not be able to access these vendors until you've reached a minimum level of 84 to complete the quests for highbank.

the recipe is bind on pick up, however the companion pet created is NOT and therefore can be sold/given away. this is good news for all collectors since the recipes are faction specific, so the only way of obtaining a horde version of this pet if you're alliance would be through the neutral AH and likewise for the alliance one if you're horde.

and last but not least, i'm assuming that the horde equivalent of the alliance starting area in twilight highlands is where the enchanted lantern recipe will be sold, but i haven't confirmed this for myself yet.

well now i know what i'll be doing for the next few days! time to work on getting my enchanter up to level 84 as well as level her enchanting to 525 just so i can get a nifty screenshot of the magic lamp pet. :)

**UPDATE: as suspected, the horde equivalent of the magic lamp, the enchanted lantern recipe, can be purchased from a male blood elf NPC named fallanos within dragonmaw port in twilight highlands. much like the alliance version of this starting quest hub in the zone, you need to complete the first set of quests in order to be phased in properly and gain access to the vendor.

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