Friday, October 1, 2010


after reading on warcraftpets about the brazie's sunflower model change, i had to go take a look for myself.

the model has indeed become that of the plants vs. zombies sunflower! they also fixed the bug where the pet was immobile and wouldn't follow you. it will now loyally chase you across all of azeroth :)

when summoned it also has that iconic "sunflower!" vocal. not only that, but now it even sings! most of the time it will be at random and mainly humming the tune of the popcap game, but i did hear it sing "there's a zombiiee on your laaawn" at least once so far.

the sunflower's animation while humming or singing

it's quite cute in a somewhat creepy way haha. i don't know if it's because it's always smiling while never blinking... or if it's because it's a sunflower head on a lashling's body.

i'm a bit disappointed that they didn't customize this pet to better suite WoW. i figured since it's not really 'plants vs zombies' but more 'peacebloom vs ghouls', they would change the model to that of a peacebloom, have the companion say "peacebloom!" when summoned, and alter the song a little. but i guess that may be infringing too much on popcap's creation.

in any case, this companion is an absolute MUST HAVE. no collection would be complete without brazie's sunflower :D

now... to convince blizzard developers to let us keep miniature versions of the spitter plants too :P

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