Monday, October 25, 2010

Pet Pathing

ever since patch 4.0.1, i've noticed pets having some trouble following their owners. not just vanity pets, but hunter pets, warlock pets, and any guardian or summoned creature. they seem to get stuck at certain points such as doorways, ramps, and other transitional areas where they had no problem walking through before. it's almost as if a "no pet" sign was placed and they dare not disobey lol.

since i haven't really been outside of dalaran lately, i can't say if this happens everywhere, but i do notice it occurring repeatedly within dalaran. specifically in the alliance inn, around the dalaran fountain, and within dalaran sewers. my companions just can't get past an invisible line and in the end i'm either forced to move out of range which despawns them or i have to dismiss and resummon them on the "safe" side.

other times they will do their best to make their way to me by doing a giant loop or lap around the area, as if there's something blocking them from taking the most direct route to me. my toxic wasteling felt the need to take an extra long run around the outer area to follow me around the dalaran fountain today.

it's pretty strange. or perhaps i just never noticed it before? my gut feeling says it's more of the former than the latter though. i never had any trouble coaxing a pet into the inn before, but ever since the patch... whether i'm going into the inn or heading out, they just seem to want to hang out in the doorway.

hopefully this will be resolved in the next patch or in the expansion. azeroth has always been such a pet friendly place, it would be a shame if companions were suddenly shunned and discriminated! :P

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