Sunday, October 3, 2010

Magic Lamp & Enchanted Lantern + Fox Kit

Magic Lamp & Enchanted Lantern
wowhead's cataclysm version is now listing the magic lamp as an alliance enchanting formula, and the enchanted lantern as a horde enchanting formula. so it looks like enchanters will probably be learning how to create a companion based on their faction.

you can view 3D models of a draenei lantern and a blood elf lantern here. (scroll down to the companion pets section or click the link near the top of wowhead's blog post.) these item models are good indications that yes, the enchanting pets will be faction based companions. the draenei lamp for alliance and the blood elf lantern for horde.

i have yet to find more information on where/how to obtain these recipes though. perhaps from a vendor within one of the new zones? also still unknown is whether or not these two pets will be bind on pick up or bind on use as well as the recipes themselves.

personally i'm rooting for bind on use. with the engineering non-combat companions possibly being bind on pick up, i don't need yet another profession to power-level! :P

Fox Kit
the item for the fox kit companion is now being shown on wowhead as a rare item and it's bind on pick up! could this mean another quest reward? it's not uncommon for vendor pets to be bind on pick up too, though. either way, hopefully this pet will be available to both alliance and horde.


  1. what about the fox kit being the prize for a possible 100 pet achievement? it's the only pet we've seen so far that goes along with the other critter themed rewards (skunk/deer)

  2. @Anonymous - there hasn't been any sign of a 100 pet achievement on the beta yet, so your guess is as good as mine! i think the fox kit would make a great achievement pet though.


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