Monday, October 18, 2010

Excited Yet?

oh blizzard, why do you tease me so? during my usual routine of checking up on the remaining cataclysm pets that there is still very little information on, i came across other unmentioned and unknown companion items and spells on wowhead, mmo-champion, and even the official wowarmory.

some of these items and spells were ones that i've seen before, such as the baby shark. if you remember pre-wotlk, this little one was datamined from test servers but never released with the live version of the expansion. (with good reason. poor guy doesn't have an on-land survival suit yet!)

along with older unreleased pets, there are some new ones that have yet to be confirmed to be even potential future companions. they could be Game Master only pets, things blizzard developers are just toying around with or working on, or teasers for vanity pet obsessed people like me. :P

i'm really eager to find out more, but part of me is also anticipating some surprise releases in cataclysm. maybe one of these miscellaneous pets will end up being a vendor pet added in at the very last minute? or a quest reward? a world drop? every once in a while, even someone as detail oriented, meticulous, and inflexible like me enjoys a neat curve ball.

nothing can truly be confirmed yet, so more waiting and more testing, i suppose. still.. it's quite enthralling to see how many semi-confirmed companions there are, and then add to that list the unconfirmed pets. there are just so many!

it can seem overwhelming, but once you break it down, find out all the details and necessary information needed to collect each one, things start to seem clearer. anxiety, while never really fully removed, turns into excitement, and that's when you know you're ready to take on the task of collecting them all.

cataclysm is sure looking like it's going to be a pet collector's dream expansion!

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