Monday, October 4, 2010

Just Some Thoughts

yay, the pebble daily was offered today. only 7 (or was it 8...) more times before i hopefully complete the achievement. i should really write down when i do the 'lost in the deeps' daily since the achievement window for the pebble companion doesn't actually keep track of how many times you do it. it's strange like that.

still haven't seen that "special" daily quest that may or may not be the key to jadefang.

the location of this rare spawn had me thinking... will hunters and goblins have an advantage?

the area in which jadefang resides is towards the back of a tunnel within the crumbling depths. the unique feature about this tunnel is that it has a sheer drop at its opening that's higher than any toon could jump, meaning you can't just waltz right in or easily jump up into.

wall climbing is also not an option as the objects that are near or around the opening of the tunnel are either too low to jump from or too high to jump onto.

is getting onto these objects impossible though? nope. there is an adjacent tunnel (who's opening runs perpendicular to jadefang's tunnel) from which you can jump down onto a few of the objects. but again, as i mentioned before, the majority of them are far too short to be able to just jump up into jadefang's tunnel from. you would need something to propel you that extra distance.

that being said, taking into account goblins have the racial trait to rocket themselves forward, and hunters have the ability to push themselves backwards... could these two possibly have an easier time making their way up to the rare spawn's location?

it's something that i'm sure someone will test out in the near future. in the meantime, more waiting and wondering, i guess.

on a random note, i need to properly label all of these cataclysm posts before my blog becomes too disorganized.


  1. I haven't seen the area in question, but could warriors use heroic leap to get up there?

  2. @Anonymous - hmm, possibly. the main problem with heroic leap is that it requires a "targeted location." if selecting a targeted area requires line of sight, not having proper los of jadefang's tunnel may be an issue. this is something i'll have to have a warrior friend test out for me.


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