Friday, October 15, 2010

Pebble & Tiny Shale Spider Updates

**update - oh and the colossal gyreworm will "eat" you if you get too close to it now, so be wary when visiting the crumbling depths!

in a previous post about the tiny shale spider i mentioned that 7 therazane dailies are offered each day. 5 are constants while the remaining 2 dailies are from a group of dailies that are on rotation.

i've found a new daily that i previously did not see in rotation (i did see it as a quest though), so there may be more than 4 dailies in rotation.

i mention this because with more dailies that are possibly rotated in and out, the chances of getting both the pebble daily and the tiny shale spider daily are lowered even more than previously thought.

so far it looks as though pet collectors will have to choose which pet they want to make a priority. (note: you CAN get both, but so far it seems unlikely you'll be able to work on both at the same time.) if you are going to go after the tiny shale spider, you may need to hold onto one of the rotating dailies for more than one day. however, doing so may also lock you out of the pebble daily, as i have yet to see it be offered on the same day as the daily required to obtain the shale spider companion.

but! it may still be possible to complete both on the same day, although the chances of this seem low. while you have the tiny shale spider daily, you will still be offered 7 other therazane dailies (the 5 constants + the 2 from a group of rotating ones). whether or not you can pick up all of these and complete/turn them in along with the tiny shale spider daily, i have yet to try out.

some other notes: if you hold onto the daily quest necessary to reach the rare spawn that drops the spider companion, the NPC that offers this daily will remain spawned. if you abandon or complete it, she will disappear and you will have to wait for her daily to come back into rotation to pick it up again.

i'm going to check back with the therazane dailies more frequently. since the 4.0.1 live patch i've been slacking on logging into the beta. :P

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