Friday, October 22, 2010

NEW Charity Pet!

moonkin hatchling coming in november!

alright, now that i've had some time to settle down and gather my thoughts, yes! michael morhaime announced at the opening ceremony of blizzcon that the moonkin hatchling will be available for purchase at the official PetStore in november. also, either part or all of the proceeds from this new companion will go to a (yet to be named) nonprofit charity in the same fashion as the pandaren monk.

speaking of which...

over 1.1 million dollars was donated to the make a wish foundation through pandaren monk purchases! so not only did many of us receive a new awesome addition to our collection, we were part of that 1.1 million dollar cause for a greater good. it's really heartwarming to think of it that way. :)

i'm so happy to see blizzard continuing this trend of donations to nonprofit charities through outlets such as vanity items and sales. collectors, while a small portion of the total in-game wow community, will really go that extra mile for something desired to complete a collection. this can be utilized for good or for evil. *queue the sinister villain theme music* however, blizzard's recognition of our overly zealous nature for all things vanity, and channeling some of that energy towards a beneficial entity such as the make a wish foundation is considered "good" in my book *queue the heroic 'saves the day' theme music* kudos to blizzard on this one!

and just because i can... doesn't it just make you swell with pride to be apart of an in-game community who gets a special announcement during the opening ceremony of blizzcon? :P just kidding, just kidding haha. but seriously, collectors are awesome. :)

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