Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Spider Is Caught

color me excited (and super relieved)! tonight i FINALLY got the daily that will allow me access to jadefang's special tunnel. i've tested it out and yes, i can confirm that this is the way up to the rare spawn's area.

at the risk of being eaten alive by those who would rather keep the "secret" a secret (it's not that big of a secret, i promise you), i'll be writing up a preview on how to reach jadefang, and ultimately the tiny shale spider within the next couple days.

when my friend saw the final result of my days of worrying, researching and anxiously waiting for the daily, he scoffed and commented: "well that was easy." indeed, it was easier than i had thought it would be. (not that i'm complaining haha.) figuring out that a daily was necessary and WHICH daily was tougher than actually going through the motions of getting to jadefang.

i'm currently waiting to see if i can keep the daily and the quest item for more than one day in the event that the daily spawns but jadefang isn't up. so i won't be writing more until then. expect a write up tomorrow when dailies reset.

i'll also be doing a write up on pebble once i complete the achievement to acquire him, but i don't really have a planned date or time for it since i've lost count of how many times i did the therazane pebble daily. am i half way done? nearly half way? i guess i should have kept better track. :\

tonight i can finally relax (somewhat) now that i've seen with my own two eyes and confirmed what i thought to be true. why all the stress about this companion? since this is the beta still, there wasn't a whole lot of information about jadefang or the tiny shale spider. the fact that there were a lot of unknowns made me extremely uncomfortable. i'm the type of person that likes to have most things planned out beforehand to reduce the amount of possible time wasted, so not knowing and being unable to create a plan of action had me on pins and needles for the past few days haha.

that being said, the anxiety surrounding this companion still lingers. blizzard could choose to remove it and/or the daily altogether, but i have my fingers crossed that this companion and the specific way that it's obtained will be released in the expansion.

p.s. - the warrior ability 'heroic leap' will not work in aiding a character up and into the rare spawn's tunnel.


  1. Good to know, thanks for the work (and stress!) for this info. Now I have to decide whether or not I want to hold this daily whenever it comes up or not. Doing so will mean I can't work towards Rock Lover, but obviously I'm going to try and get this pet as soon as I can. I imagine there will be quite the fight for it between collectors and hunters though.

  2. @Harval - hunters, pet collectors, AND rare spawn enthusiasts will be after the mob that drops the companion. x_x but with all things worthwhile, some patience is necessary :)


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