Friday, October 1, 2010

The Spider Walks Again

why hello, you pretty little jadefang, you!

update on jadefang's respawn timer:
jadefang killed @ 1125 PM (september 30, 2010)
jadefang alive @ 10 AM (october 1, 2010)
so far it looks like the respawn time is between 10 - 12 hours, possibly less since i forgot to check at the 8 hour mark. >_< so possibly 8 - 12 hours.

note that this on the beta and may change once cataclysm is released. however, most respawn times for rarespawn mobs do fit within the 8 - 12 hour range, so i wouldn't be surprised if this is also the case for jadefang.

since the companion is bind on pick up, the respawn time will only really be useful in knowing when to line up next for a shot at this rare spawn. (sorry to all the auction house lovers, jadefang's not into being farmed by the same person over and over again! she likes some diversity :P)

now... to figure out the trick of getting up to her...... *cries*

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