Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Misc Beta Comments

i still haven't been fortunate enough to have that "special" therazane daily open up for me. in fact i've only seen the NPC for that daily spawn once. since i haven't seen her any other time nor have i received a quest or daily from her, i can't confirm or deny if she's in fact the right NPC. more waiting i guess.

luckily, i've been doing the pebble daily quite consistently. i think within the next few days i should have the rock lover achievement complete.

if the achievement is tracking and working properly (some achievements are still buggy on the beta), pebble should be mine soon! i'll probably do a short write up on that specific daily and how to best finish it efficiently and quickly.

despite the whole jadefang/tiny shale spider situation, i'm pretty grateful for being on the beta. it's definitely opened my eyes and given me the chance to plan out how i'm going to go about collecting each new cataclysm companion. that is... if blizzard keeps everything the way it is right now and doesn't change things up last minute (which is entirely possible). all i can do is hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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