Friday, October 8, 2010

Beta To-Do List, Updated

now that i've finally sorted out how i'm going to obtain the tiny shale spider, all that's left to do on the beta is:
- guild achievements for the companions. to be honest, though, i don't see my beta guild getting all the guild vendor pets any time soon. with so few of us online, i can definitely see how smaller guilds will struggle with most of these achievements.

- continue mining for the elementium geode pet. i've dedicated only one day to hardcore hunting for this companion so far; i'll need to revisit this task soon.

- continue leveling archaeology for the clockwork gnome and crawling claw pets.

- check out engineering + enchanting. maybe my engineering is bugged, but i haven't been able to test out engineering at all yet, nor have i seen the de-weaponized mechanical companion or personal world destroyer. i'm working on enchanting but since there's still no information on where the enchanting pet recipes come from, i've been sort of putting this profession last on my priority list.

- last but not least... and my most dreaded item to do.. earn tol barad commendations and reputation for the rustberg seagull. i actually did make an attempt to complete some of the dailies that are available to earn the commendations, but gave up after the PVP started. haha, i'm just not into PVP. :S
and of course, hopefully discover how the remaining companions (fox kit, whirling waveling, etc.) will be obtained.

does this seem like a lot to do, i wonder. well, after all that time spent anxiously waiting and fretting over the tiny shale spider... i may have worn myself out haha. i think a small break is in order. perhaps i'll log onto the live servers and give my current companions some much needed attention. :)

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