Friday, October 15, 2010

Cataclysm Engineering Pets!

after being unable to train engineering for a while due to the stormwind trainer being bugged (or maybe he just doesn't like my haircut), i received a tip from verissi (thank you!) to head to outlands and try the engineering trainer located there.

well what do you know? i finally managed to train engineering!

that's not even the best news. i can't even contain my excitement, and i must keep reminding myself that this IS still beta so things could change but...

do you see what i see? the de-weaponized mechanical companion and the personal world destroyer are NOT bind on pick up as of beta build 13189! *insert nonsensical fits of joy here*

as stated above, this is still beta. we will only know for sure whether or not these two companions will be bind on use once the expansion goes live. however, seeing this is (hopefully) a sign that blizzard is seriously considering making them bind on use. (either that or an evil hamster decided to escape from his cage and mess with the game files just to tease all those in favor of bind on use engineering pets. :P)

anyway, down to the basics. these two wonderful pets are trainable after reaching the 475 engineering skill. i started out fresh from the wrath of the lich king max engineering skill (450), but it wasn't difficult at all to attain 475 and craft these two companions.

i used 50 obsidian bars to reach the appropriate skill (crafting handful of obsidium bolts and volatile energy converters), 2 obsidian bars to craft the high-powered bolt gun (required to craft the pets), and finally 4 obsidian bars to craft both the companions. the total comes to 56 obsidian bars or 112 ore.

again i must put up this disclaimer: the number of materials (or even the materials themselves) necessary to level and craft may change with cataclysm's release.

but there you have it! relatively simple, right? two new wonderful pets for any and all who choose to adopt them.

the de-weaponized mechanical companion moves and has the mannerisms of any standard in-game bunny. it will periodically scratch behind its ears with its back foot and groom its face with its front feet. at first i wasn't sure i would be too fond of this companion, but it has really grown on me!

the personal world destroyer is indeed a purple/blue mini-fel reever. i have yet to witness it "destroy" anything, but i have hope! when you click on it, it emits a tiny robot-ish voice. if i click fast enough and for long enough, i swear this little one is actually saying something instead of just making noises! maybe i need a voice de-scrambling program. :P

whether or not you're for or against or even neutral about these two engineering pets being bind on use, they are definitely companions that shouldn't be passed up and would be great additions for any collection.

personally, i am leaning towards support for keeping them as bind on use vanity pets, so that they can be shared with everyone. i would not be against blizzard's decision should they go the other way, though. either way, you can bet i'll be picking both of them up eventually. :)


  1. Honestly I had hoped they'd stay BoP. It's just a fun way for serious collectors to get pets, I think. These pets, especially the fel reaver, are just too cool to be sitting on the Auction House.

  2. @Harval - i could go either way on this one, but whatever blizzard chooses i just hope they stick with it this time around.

    my confidence in their statement that they really do their best to not take things away from players whenever possible has been wavering lately. when they change the way something is obtained after the length of time that they allow it to be obtained in that way, it's essentially taking away something from someone. i'm not saying that they shouldn't change anything ever, but it must be realized that in the end one side of the coin will feel disenfranchised. in cases where neither side can be satisfied, the "lesser of two evils" just has to be picked. in my eyes that choice is to just remain consistent.

    so bop or bou, it just needs to be for the long run. especially since it's a "vanity" item. it shouldn't be impacting the game for most, so why should it need to be switched back and forth from bou to bop or vice versa anyway?

    i hope blizzard takes that into consideration when coming out with the final product.

  3. @Quintessence - Oh, I totally agree there. Imagine my horror when they made Smokey/Bombling BoE after I had dropped max mining not once but twice to get both of them. While I don't mind leveling Engineering (or Enchanting) for these pets, what I don't want to see is in 6 months the pets all over the AH. I really don't like when things are changed to make them easier to obtain.


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